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GPCR Cell Line GPCR Cell Lines & Membranes
Stable cell lines, membranes and assay-ready frozen cells for GPCR screening, lead optimization and compound profiling
GPCR Expression Cell Line
GPCR Screening Custom GPCR Cell Line & Membrane Products
Customized products of human and ortholog GPCRs developed in specific assays you need for high-throughput, hit-to-lead and lead optimization screens
GPCR Assay
GPCR Compound Profiling Services GPCR Compound Profiling Services
Evaluate compound specificity in GPCR functional assays and membrane binding assays in a disease-focused panel, receptor family panel, ortholog GPCR panel or customized panel
GPCR Compound Profiling
GPCR Membranes Full-length GPCR cDNA
323 human and 234 ortholog GPCR cDNAs for custom cell line generation and assay development
GPCR Cell-Based Assay
GPCR Ligand Binding Assay GPCR Assay Technologies
Open assay platform to uncover GPCR signaling pathway-biases using Calcium, IP-1, cAMP, proprietary GPCR internalization, ERK, GTPyS and radioligand binding assays
GPCR Ligand Binding Assay
GPCR Binding Assay GPCR Antibody Profiling Services
Evaluate antibody specificity against GPCRs on the cell surface
by flow-cytometry
GPCR HTS Assay Development

GPCR Screening Services
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GPCR Cell Line Catalog
GPCR Ligand Binding Assay
GPCR Ligand Binding Assay
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