GPCR Custom Products

Multispan provides the following GPCR custom products upon request to meet your specific needs in GPCR high throughput screening and compound profiling.

GPCR Frozen cells

  • Two-week turnaround
  • Four million to five billion growth-arrested frozen cells
  • For high throughput screening or pharmacology studies
  • Each batch validated in Calcium or cAMP functional assays
  • Comparable signal-to-noise ratio and pharmacology to dividing cells

GPCR Membranes

  • Two-week turnaround
  • Ten milligram to one gram membranes
  • For high throughput screening or pharmacology studies
  • From stable cell lines validated in functional assays and by surface expression
  • Applicable to radio-ligand binding and GTPγS binding assays
GPCR Stable Cell lines
  • Two-month turnaround
  • Most relevant biological readouts with upfront input directly from customers
  • Optimal signal-to-noise ratio for high throughput screening
  • Pharmacological consistency with literature data

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