GPCR Monoclonal Antibody

Multispan's GPCR antibody generation and screening Platform enable generation of specific GPCR antibodies against natural GPCR epitopes for research and therapeutics.

Key Steps in Antibody Generation

I. Antigen Generation

II. Monoclonal Antibody Generation

III. Monoclonal Antibody Selection

  1. Antibody Binding Assay
  2. Antibody Functional Assay
  3. Antibody Binding Specificity Profiling
  4. Antibody Functional Specificity Profiling
Multispan Proprietary Solutions

I. GPCR Expression technology

  1. Express GPCRs at a few million molecules per cell as high quality antigen
  2. 320 human GPCR cDNAs in proprietary expression vector.

II. GPCR Monoclonal Antibody Generation Technology

  • Proprietary with demonstrated robustness
III. World's largest GPCR Cell-based Screening Platform
  1. 230 validated cell-based assays for primary functional assay screening and specificity profiling
  2. 320 expression-ready vectors for primary binding assay screening and specificity profiling
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